Remittance as a service

Launch remittance and bill payments services with one click

Our new remittance startup service provides everything you need to build a money services business, from licensing and compliance to technology and business support in the UK. We call it Remittance-as-a-Service.

We are an FCA-regulated digital-only remittance startup platform that lets you seamlessly create a competitive remittance business and offer remittance and payment services to end-users faster within days.


We handle all the technical, liquidity, delivery and regulatory complexity of remittance so you can focus on growing your business.

Build out your money service business within minutes

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    What you can do

    • Leverage our customer-centric brandable app and license so you can launch to the market faster
    • Automate all aspects of your money service business with our bespoke payment technology
    • Navigate country-specific AML/KYC compliance rules with ease
    • Rely on our experts’ guidance for structuring and growing your money service business

    Who can partner with us?


    Anyone can build out their remittance service platform with us be it a remittance service provider, community group, church, charity, entrepreneurs, financial service provider, or neobank.

    • New money service business starting from scratch with no license, technology or upfront funding.
    • Foreign remittance businesses or banks looking to leverage the existing remittance license to operate in Europe.