Large enterprise

Large Enterprise

Systems requirements of larger businesses are often much more complex than those of SME’s – that’s where we come in.

MTA’s easy to use, robust platform serves as a great asset to your business’ daily operations and allows you to confidently offer and upscale your operations and vision. Your customers will be increasingly looking to access and transfer money online in a quicker and more convenient way. The Money Transfer Application will accommodate your needs for expansion.

It is both easy to use and affordable and designed to meet the ever-changing demands and regulatory requirements of money service businesses. We offer a number of service packages and cost-effective pricing models to accommodate your individual needs.

Having worked with larger financial businesses, we know that you likely face pressures and struggles around time losses, cost-cutting, effective communication and being able to take a step back from the day-to-day running of the business and look at the bigger picture and vision.

With a high volume of transactions, you also have a greater need than smaller businesses for robust systems in place to account for and keep track of everything. That’s where we can really help you get to that next level of efficiency, effectiveness and success.

Our Money Transfer Application is a comprehensive, fully-featured and fully-supported Money Service Business solution that automates every aspect of your money transfer or Bureau de Change business and allows you to confidently offer your customers a full range of services such as local or international money remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange, mobile top-up, mWallet, branchless banking and cash delivery at home.

What do we do for
Large Enterprises

On top of what MTA offers for smaller business, we also offer the following features for larger enterprises:

  • Customisation – bespoke solutions tailored to your individual business’ needs
  • Host your data centre in a high-security, high-speed European centre or a data centre of your choice.
  • Onsite training for your staff
  • 24/7 e-mail and phone support
  • 24/7 site monitoring

See our features page for a detailed list of MTA’s features.


You can rest assured that by choosing the Money Transfer Application, it will maximize your workflow productively and allow you to run smoother operational processes within your organisation.


To ensure you receive the perfect solution for your enterprise, we can offer a tailored system to meet your business demands and individual needs. If your organisation follows strict regulations, no problem, we will deploy and host the Money Transfer System on your premises and apply seamless integration with your current IT systems and operations.


No need to worry about key security issues, as our remittance application offers compliance with AML regulations and KYC, so you can quickly track and trace every customer on your system. With two levels of authentication, restricted access to only a number of IP addresses and data encryption, our platform offers an undeniably effective and secure system to afford a complete fraud prevention solution for your business.

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