MTA Centralises Your

Business Operations &

Helps Your Business Grow

Money Transfer Application offers a number of package solutions for running, reporting on, and growing your money service business.
Our MTA has been built with rich and comprehensive features for money remittance, bureau de change, e-Wallet, m-Wallet, pre-paid cards, branchless banking, bill payment, mobile top-up, and cash delivery at home.
It has been purposely built using a highly robust technical architecture and can be easily customised with features that fit your unique and bespoke business model and needs or integration with your existing IT system.
Additionally, our unique collection of technologies ensure that you have nothing to worry about. Your business becomes smoother, easier, and in full compliance with financial regulations.
MTAComply automatically detects smurfing or structuring in MTA. It works by searching the database to identify the number of transactions received by the beneficiary or transmitted by the sender over a given period of time. This gives a good indication of the possibility of illegal activities. (Smurfing typically involves splitting large transactions into many small transactions to avoid fraud detection.)
This is our cutting-edge anti-fraud face recognition technology. It works by taking a face picture of the beneficiary or sender and comparing it with a huge database of other faces captured during past transactions. It identifies if that face has performed a transaction under a different name in the past. This way we are able to detect fraud and potentially fraudulent activities.
With MTAClearHouse you can automate end of day reconciliation across all counterparties and clearing, netting, settlement, advanced reporting & P&L.


Whether you’re a growing SME, a large enterprise or a bank looking to offer added extra features to your current services, we have the right package for you.

MTA is the comprehensive and fully-supported solution for your money transfer business.

It’s never too early to put into place good systems that ensure business scalability, streamlines your daily operations, and also fasten your accounting processes.

MTA is both easy to use and affordable. It has been designed to meet the demands and regulatory requirements of the ever-changing, yet complex money service businesses.

Banking is becoming much more flexible and increasingly more centred around multiple payment channels, local/international remittance, online and mobile accounts, as well as e-wallet and m-wallet accounts.

MTA will easily allow you to offer these value added services to your current banking facilities and allow you to stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive environment. More importantly can be easily integrated with your core banking system.

MTA can help you to not only streamline your operations and impeccably keep track of all your transactions, cash flow, and staff activities but also allows you to confidently upscale your vision for greater profits and success.

For large enterprises, we offer full site hosting, onsite staff training, 24/7 support and bespoke customisation of our software to suit your exact needs.