Product Features

    Streamlined Operations, Extended Services, More Profits, One System

    Extensive features and the highest level of usability and support from any money transfer software, gives you the control and functionality to grow your business.

    Our system has been purposely built using in a highly robust technical architecture and can be easily customised or extended to implement your required features, includinges integration with your existing IT system.

    We provide far more features than you’re likely to need and all the ones you’ll want at a highly competitive price and in one robust platform.

    Take a look at our rich feature list below to see how Money Transfer Application can help you.

    Transaction & Money Transfer

    Extend the services you offer to your clients, services such as local/international remittance, bill payment, foreign currency exchange, mobile top-up, eWallet/mWallet, Pre-paid/Prepaid voucher, branchless banking capabilities, SMS banking and cash delivery at home.
    Send remittance via your website, app or branches/agents.
    Send remittance to verified beneficiary via SMS.
    Bill payment via your website, app or from one of your branches/agents.
    Mobile airtime/Top-up via your website, app or from one of your branches/agents.
    Peer 2 Peer remittance via app or your branches/agent. Allow your customers to send money from his/her mWallet to another mWallet. By entering beneficiary name, phone number, email or by simply touching both sender/beneficiary phones together.
    Support eWallet/mWallet and, Prepaid voucher business services.
    Customer can load money to eWallet/mWallet via Branches/Agent, PayPal, Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit card.
    Customer can perform transaction from existing funds in the eWallet/mWallet
    Receive payment via bank transfer and reconciliation bank statements with online transactions.
    Support re-occurring payment for remittance, bill payment and top-up.
    Retain beneficiary and sender history for future payments.
    Support branchless banking, SMS banking and cash delivery at home.
    Support a network of agents/branches or affliates across the globle.
    Send funds to anywhere in the world with Mobile Top-up solutions to over 140 countries and over 100 currencies supported.
    SOAP/XML or RestFul integration with 3rd party.
    Help your clients stay well informed with the status of their transaction through SMS and email notifications – for example on payout.
    Allow senders to track transactions online or via SMS.
    Monitor cashier opening balance for each active currency.
    Store photo identification.
    Easy Search: Search for sender by customer code/name/phone number.
    Allow beneficiary to collect money from any agent, pay centre or bank account payment.
    Webcam support allowing you to capture a face photo of sender of beneficiary for our MTAFaceMatch technology.
    Set up transaction restrictions, such as age limit for sending/receiving money, minimum number of identifications required, based on transaction amount.
    Improved documents attachment – every transaction keeps its own copy of documents attached to it at the creation of the transaction and at payout transaction.
    Linked transactions checks.
    Payment gateway integration: Appeal to every single client with flexible payment options through Paypal, debit/credit card, bank transfer and cash pickup.


    Full sender or beneficiary transaction history.
    Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing.
    Ensures peace of mind with transactions that are fully traceable to the sender or beneficiary through our linked transaction checks.
    Our MTAComply® technology is used to automatically detect smurfing or structuring in MTA. This works by searching the database to identify the number of transactions received by beneficiary or transmitted by sender over a given period of time. This will give a good indication of the possibility of illegal activities.
    (Smurfing or structuring money is the process of splitting large transactions into many small transactions to avoid detection.)
    Know exactly who your clients are and verify their identity. Keep up to date with our simple forms and secure your KYC compliance.
    Protect your business from illegitimate activities and scan all senders and receivers against the global sanction list.
    Protect your business from abusive by blacklisting suspicious senders and receivers.
    Stay ahead of the game with our fully integrated modules armed with the necessary anti money laundering checks.
    MTAFaceMatch® – face recognition – anti-fraud, cutting edge. This works by taking a face picture of the beneficiary or sender and comparing it with a huge database of other faces captured during past transactions. This is used to identify if that face has performed a transaction under a different name, which will indicate identity fraud.
    Effectively adjust the system to your local regulatory and organisational compliance for peace of mind.
    Compliance Guide & Rules, Anti-Money Laundering Report per sender/receiver country.
    Suspicious Transaction Form/Suspicious Transaction History for people you consider are not genuine.
    Stop transaction on compliance failure.
    Identification request by Transaction threshold (linked/one-off transaction).
    Business Transaction Rules- Allows you to create your own business rules.


    Immediately monitor and analyse your business activities with general graphs and detailed reports.
    Clearly evaluate your business’ profits with the profit & loss reports, pay-out ledger report and pay-in ledger report facilities.
    With MTAClearHouse® You can automate end of day reconciliation across all counter parties and clearing, netting, settlement, advanced reporting & P&L.
    Track cashier/teller activities in real-time.
    Monitor cashier/teller actions, including pay-in and pay-out transactions.
    Run advanced reports on each cashier/teller, agent or affiliate branch.
    View Account Settlements.
    View Transaction Alerts.
    Manage Credit Limit for your agents.
    Generate Statement/Balance Sheet.
    Opening Balance Alerts.
    Supports Banks, Branches and agents; Group banks, branches and agents for easy reporting.
    Account balance alert.

    User management

    Keep your data protected with various permissions and user interfaces for cashiers, admins, compliance, auditors and site editors.
    Always be aware of the activities previously performed on your system with user action history.
    Create user account such cashier/teller, agent, affiliate, branch.
    Empower your agents, affiliates and, branch to self-manage their staff on the
    platform and run reports on their data.
    Activate or deactivate cashier/teller, pay centres, affiliates, branch.
    Audit Records.
    Opening Balance History.
    Unlimited Agent Support.
    Allow sender to sign-up online and send money.
    Monitor cashier opening balance for each active currency.


    Data-At-Rest and Data-In-Flight encryption.
    Data backups are a critical part of the data protection and recovery process in our system.
    Our data cryptography API empowers us to convert data into scrambled code while stored and before it is transmitted over a public or private network using an encryption algorithm.
    Fraud Prevention: Actively select who has access to certain areas of the system and enable control to multiple roles.
    Let your customers know that their data and money is safely and securely transferred to the right person with our two-factor authentication feature.
    Achieve maximum security with restricted access to the Money Transfer Application through the required number of IP addresses.
    Session Timeout: the ability to set time limit after which the user gets logged out automatically.
    Hosted at a high-security data centre.

    Exchange Rates & Charges Management

    Real-time currency feed from Bloomberg, Xe, Yahoo finance or your custom currency feed.
    Take control and customise your exchange rates across a global network of branches and agents.
    Increase your revenue by defining your own exchange rates margin for all agents or individual agents.
    Set up a fee-sharing structure, allocate percentage share to pay-in or pay-out agent, or both.
    Automatically calculate agent total transaction commission.
    Manage Commissions: Define Specific Commission Structure and specific exchange rates for certain agents.

    Bureau De Change

    Effectively manage and monitor your currency buying and selling activities.
    Quickly access and view your customer records to streamline your business processes.
    Stay up to date with all business set your percentage margin.
    Clearly evaluate your business’s profit & loss reports.
    Sell currency online.


    Rest assured knowing you have the support when you need it through email and telephone.
    Focus on your core business targets while we provide you with 24/7 site monitoring.
    We provide easy training for Money Transfer Application, to ensure you get the most out of your software with our online knowledgebase, including detailed help videos.


    Our solution is capable of supporting over 90 languages.
    Embrace the mobile world and access your Money Transfer system on the move with your desktop, tablet and branded app for iOs/Android mobile platforms.
    Give your branding a boost through customised white-labelling while branding all receipts with your company name and logo. Custom Interface for different roles.
    Streamline your customer management; send money in just a few clicks and easily let your customers know when the transaction has been successful.
    No need to worry about the technical aspect – all you need to start your business is a computer and an internet connection.
    Quick Start Panel – visible on dashboard area to help you gain quick access to system’s major functions.
    Notifications Tab, History, Help, Feedback – visible on dashboard to keep you updated with notifications on all of your transactions.
    Set a screen background for a particular environment.
    System Access (Web, Tablet, Mobile); iphone/ipad/Android via native App.
    Thin client for areas with limited internet connectivity.


    Clearly evaluate your business’ profits with the profit & loss reports, pay-out ledger report and pay-in ledger report facilities.
    Automate end of day Netting & reconciliation across all agents and branches.
    Clearly audit all transaction activities.
    Establish Agent Limit: Set limits for agents above which they cannot send money.
    Establish Global Limit: Set money limits globally throughout the system, above which money cannot be transferred.


    Monitor customer activities.
    Targeted marketing on a selected set of customers.
    Set-up promo codes to customers who meet a specific criteria.
    Email or sms marketing your customers.

    Payment Support To Over 200+ Countries

    We understand your business reach and so we have developed a solution that enables you to transfer money between more than 200 countries across all 7 continents making our money transfer application a truly global solution.

    Over 180+ Currencies Supported

    We believe that every customer is valuable and unique as are the places where you do business, that’s why we now support transferring money to over 180 currencies…and we’re still growing.

    Website Design Integration

    We understand the importance of YOUR brand to your business, that’s why we’ve ensured that our software enables you to create a customisable and bespoke web presence for your business.

    Custom Interface For Different Roles

    We understand that data security starts before the transaction is sent and a crucial part of protecting your data lies in who has permission to see different levels of information. That’s why we’ve built in a customised interface for each different user.

    Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

    Money laundering is a very serious issue and one which affects not just economies but businessess too! To help your business stay ahead of the game, we have integrated the relevant modules into our software, so all you have to do is get on with doing business.

    Linked Transactions Checks

    We understand that your customers need the assurance that the money they send reaches the intended recipient, that’s why we’ve made it possible for all transactions to be linked to a sender or beneficiary to ensure they are both trackable and traceable.

    Easy Customer Management

    Direct customer registration’ allows you to send money in just a few clicks and then let your customers know when the transaction has been successful.

    Smart Data Reporting with Graph Support

    We understand that you want to monitor your business and so we have generated quick graphs on the home page. Additionally, you can get detailed reports on transactions and the agent by checking the report tab.

    KYC Compliance

    Get to know your customers better with our quick and easy to use forms. Add key data to each customer record such as personal information, or even a photgraph. Our forms will help you keep your customer records up to date and in top condition.

    Flexi Payment Option

    We understand that cashflow is fundamental to any business and in turn you may need to offer flexible payments to your clients too. To help you manage this and to keep your payment options flexible, we have included features such as payments through PayPal, Debit and Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash Pickup and more.

    System Access on Web, Tablet and Mobile

    Gone are the days of being tied to a desk and working from one location. A mobile business is essential in today’s competitive market place, that’s why we’ve built The Money Transfer Application to allow users to access it via their PC, mobile device or tablet.

    Set Your Own Tariffs

    The Money Transfer Application is completely customisable. Users can set individual exchange rates and commission structures on a global level across a global network of branches or at the individual level.

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