Bill Payment Software

    Increase your revenue by allowing your customers to easily pay their bills with you

    The MTA system has a bill payment application module included as standard. This enables you to accept and electronically transmit customer bill payments from thousands of billers worldwide.

    Your customers can enjoy the ability to pay virtually any bill, from their phone, utility and credit card bills, as well as rent, mortgage and car payments easily and conveniently – either online or in-person at an agency location.

    Your Integration Partner

    We already have connections and integration partnerships with a comprehensive list of utility, phone and service providers, which means that you can simply tap into and leverage our partnerships for the benefit of your customers and as a value-add to your business.

    Payments are 100% secure, and you can schedule one-time or recurring payments. Bill payments are completed in minutes, which makes it much faster than sending cheques in the mail or even phoning up the bill provider.

    Generate Extra Revenue

    While your customers are in-store or using your online system, offering a bill payment service gives you the opportunity you to generate significant additional income and revenue streams to your business. You earn money from every bill payment transaction you process.

    You’ll also improve customer loyalty and satisfaction, boost in-store traffic and ensure they use your services time and again.

    Adds Value to Money Transfer Services

    When people use your services to transfer money locally abroad, it makes sense that they can also pay their bills at the same time. Many bills can be paid electronically as soon as the next business day and some even in real-time using the MTA bill payment system.

    Easy Tracking and Reporting

    MTA makes tracking and reporting of all your bill payment transactions incredibly simple and straightforward and serves to streamline and centralise your business processes – no matter how many locations and branches you run.

    Anti-fraud compliance and keeping within financial regulations is also made easy with MTA.